Production of the Dodge Viper finally came to a close at Chrysler’s Conner Avenue plant in Michigan earlier this month and to mark the historic event Dodge released a string of special edition Vipers based on the very last SRT10 and ACR models. The special edition models were designed and developed under Dodge’s ‘Dealer Exclusive Program’ and consisted mainly of custom racing stripes and color combinations, hardly fitting for the send out of one of America’s greatest sports cars of all time.

Of course, there was the track-only ACR-X, but for one Dodge dealer, in fact the dealer with more Viper sales than any other, even the ACR-X was not enough. That dealer was Woodhouse Dodge of Blair, Nebraska, which together with its in-house tuning arm, Woodhouse Motorsports, has sold more Dodge Vipers than anyone else since 1999.

For Woodhouse, a very special Dodge Viper was required: a custom convertible version of the Viper SRT10 ACR. Unfortunately, building such a car wasn’t merely a process of lopping off the roof of one of the regular SRT10 ACRs.

Dodge engineers needed to modify most of the aerodynamic enhancements of the ACR to work effectively with a convertible body. This involved designing a new lower wing and modifying the front splitter--along with hours of wind tunnel testing.

Only 20 of the Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR Convertibles will be built, all of which are available through Woodhouse Dodge with a starting price of $107,310. Available colors include white, yellow, red and black and customers can choose whether they want dual or driver's striping running along the top of their cars.

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