2011 MINI Countryman

2011 MINI Countryman

If you thought the 2011 MINI Countryman was already pushing the boundaries for how big a MINI vehicle could get, then think again. The brand famous for being small is reportedly working on a new model even bigger than the Countryman, the new Countryman Plus.

This latest model will be the flagship in MINI’s lineup and be big enough to fit seven--yes seven--adults all up. The move is designed to expand MINI’s appeal and attract customers that would normally purchase vehicles like the Nissan Rogue, Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V.

The information comes directly from the global head of MINI brand management, Dr Wolfgang Armbrecht, who revealed to AutoExpress that the Countryman could definitely be made bigger. The Countryman’s wheelbase currently stands at 8.5 feet but this could easily be stretched to 8.9 feet, explained Armbrecht.

How this will sit with MINI faithful, who understandably would see this as dilution of the core MINI design principle of being small, remains to be seen, but more sales means more dollars for the brand to invest in other models like the upcoming Coupe and Roadster variants.

The story doesn’t end there as just last week there were reports claiming that the legendary MINI Moke is set for a comeback, so the future is looking very rosy for MINI--or perhaps not depending on who you ask.