Dodge Logo

Dodge Logo

Chrysler’s decision last year to separate its Dodge car and truck models into the respective Dodge Car and new Dodge Ram brands meant that the two separate divisions henceforth could focus more directly on their best attributes.

By splitting the Dodge Ram brand off, it allowed that division to focus solely on what Dodge already does best: pickups. It also gave the Dodge Car brand the room it needed to start building the new, sportier brand identity that Chrysler management wants to see for Dodge cars.

Now, as the Dodge brand continues to redefine itself with new lifestyle packages, new ads, events and sponsorships, and a slew of upcoming new products, it's using its brand name to send a strong message that its youthful and performance-driven history will stay with the brand into the future.

It is doing so with a new logo that features the Dodge name with a pair of red racing stripes relative to the "e," suggesting speed and agility. The twin red graphic stripes will be used in communications, advertising, internet and merchandising. However, they will not appear on Dodge products or on the dealership signage.