What, you've never wished you had a James Bond-like watch that would control your car? Well, for those of us with a taste for all things Q, there's the AMVOX DBS Transponder watch. Down side: you have to own a DBS to get the watch. Not that it'd really be useful without one, anyway.

Built in cooperation with Jaeger-LeCoultre, the Aston Martin AMVOX DBS Transponder includes the same chronograph functionality as the AMVOX2 line of watches, but adds to that with a special miniaturized circuit that reads pressure on the sapphire crystal to allow locking/unlocking the car with nothing more than press on the watch's face.

But wait, isn't that essentially a redundant feature to the key fob nestled in your pocket? Why yes, observant reader, it most certainly is. And when you consider the extensive amount of research and effort that went into circumventing the Faraday cage effects of the watch packaging, the extreme miniaturization (the circuit is half the size of the one in the key fob) and the likely stratospheric cost, one has to question the sanity of even starting the project in the first place.

Happily, however, sanity isn't really a part of the Aston Martin ownership experience--you're buying art and exclusivity as much as you're buying a car. And this watch definitely straddles both categories. A bit loony? Yes. Nonetheless awesome? Undeniably. Just as Q would have it.

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