First Ferrari 458 Italia Wrecked In Poland (via Wrecked Exotics)

First Ferrari 458 Italia Wrecked In Poland (via Wrecked Exotics)

The countdown to the first wreck of any exotic is started the moment it rolls out of the factory, and it's typically measured in weeks or months. You'd think the owners of these rare beasts, having shelled out a house's worth of cash, would take a bit better care of them. But it never fails: they get banged up. This, the first known wreck of the Ferrari 458 Italia, took place in Poland, and it was pretty much the Ferrari driver's fault.

Speeding down a 30 mph road at 60-70 mph according to witnesses, the Ferrari driver swerved to avoid a left-turning bus, and struck the right rear quarter of a Volkswagen Bora, according to Wrecked Exotics. The two-month-old 458 Italia was wearing Austrian plates and driven by a man in his early 20s.

It looks like the car may be back in action with some minor rhinoplasty, but it's sure to cost a pretty penny. If the front suspension or subframe were bent up, it'll be even more of a pain, and may consign the car to the salvage pile--after all, who's going to take a car to 200 mph once its been bent and repaired? Not us, that's for sure.

Head over to Wrecked Exotics at the link below for more pics and details.

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