A few years back BMW was reportedly working on a sporty crossover model based on its X3 platform and designed along the same lines as the X6, however, the vehicle, tipped to be called the X4, quickly fell off the radar once the global financial crisis hit.

With BMW now cruising into the top selling auto luxury brand position, things are looking up for the automaker and we’re starting to hear all manner of rumors regarding possible future models. The recently revealed Gran Coupe concept car has reportedly been given the green light for production, as has a sports car based on the Vision EfficientDynamics, and BMW has even confirmed that it will be building a new front-wheel drive entry-level model as well as its Megacity Vehicle--but now there is a new report claiming the X4 crossover is back on the table as well.

The reasoning is that BMW would like to repeat the success that it has having with the current X6, which itself is based on the X5 SUV. BMW has managed to sell more than 80,000 X6 crossovers worldwide since the vehicle was launched back in 2008, which is almost double what the automaker was predicting.

An inside source has revealed to Autocar that the vehicle is under consideration but is yet to receive the green light. If approved, the X4 would almost certainly be based on the 2011 BMW X3 due at the end of the year. The more conservative route BMW took with the design of the new X3 means there’s plenty of space to add the aggressive X4 to compete with the likes of the recently revealed Range Rover Evoque.

Expect a four-seat layout, coupe-like proportions and very aggressive styling. A high-performance M version is a possibility as well.

Of course, BMW is yet to confirm any of this, but at the same time the automaker is neither denying it.