Bentley Continental GT Design Series China

Bentley Continental GT Design Series China

Nine things Jennifer Aniston could be saying as she drives a sweet but predictable (how appropriate) Bentley Continental GT through the crowded streets of Los Angeles, from the link below:

1) What, you think I can't afford a Bentley? That Ferris Bueller sitcom is still in syndication, ya know.

2) Oh come on, don't any of these Kardashians know how to drive?

3) Fer chrissakes lemme in! How many times do I have to apologize for Marley & Me?

4) This is EXACTLY what I was talking about: we have GOT to implement a system of transit lanes for Celebrity-Occupied Vehicles.

5) Omigod, it's Linda Hunt! She could totally fit in my handbag!

6) I coulda had a V8! With vodka, Worcestershire, and sprig of celery, natch.

7) Maybe getting Botox in my hand was a bad idea.

8) I haven't always been a crazed celebrity famelady. As a kid, I was the gawky girl no one wanted to sit with at lunch, even when I brought pizza. (Scene goes fuzzy, lights come up on Young Jennifer Aniston, alone under a tree at recess....)

9) Lassie is trapped in a well!