We're still waking up in a cold sweat over the MINI Coupe and Roadster concept "Untamed" marketing videos, and now we've got a new entry into the bizarro sweepstakes from MINI for the 2011 Countryman, though this one focuses a lot more on the car, giving us some respite from the onslaught of oddball.

Kicking things off with some creepy dancers and moving through to hula hoops, people lying face-down in bed and surfers, the collage of crazy makes us wonder exactly who is being targeted, though things get a bit more intelligible around the 1:15 mark, and the shots of the Countryman four-wheel powersliding through the dirt are enticing, to be sure. The Countryman makes its debut at the Geneva Motor Show next week.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the rear hatch area of the Countryman can hold in excess of 64 full-size pineapples.