Back in January, we heard that hip-hop superstar Nelly had been given a special 2011 Mustang 5.0 tricked out by the friendly folks at DUB Magazine. Now, we have proof -- in video form:

So, here are some things to note:

1) Is it weird that Nelly is talking about his badass Mustang to a crowd of people at the 2010 Detroit Auto Show while standing in front of a slightly less-awesome butter-yellow 'Stang? (That was a rhetorical question: yes, it's a little weird.)

2) In the clip, Nelly complains that by the time he was making enough money to by a 5.0 Mustang, Ford stopped making them. That makes us feel old, like Vanilla Ice. (May he forever roll, with his ragtop down, hair blowing.)

3) We would very much like a 5.0 liter with effin' red fog lights, and if we don't get one soon, we may resort to rapping. (You have been warned, America.)