Tesla Roadster crash

Tesla Roadster crash

Tesla has managed to rack up just on 1,000 sales of its Roadster since the all-electric vehicle was first launched back in 2008 and since that time there have been only four crashes that we're aware of--including the crash of a test vehicle before production began.

But with more and more Roadsters rolling out of Tesla showrooms across the country, the number of crashes will inevitably go up. We can now add two more crashed Roadsters to that list, bringing the tally up to six. This is a very reasonable number considering how many examples have been sold, which helps dispel the myth that the Tesla Roadster is more dangerous than other cars because of its lack of engine noise at slower speeds.

As for the two latest examples: one, a 2008 model, clipped a concrete divider on a highway in Orlando, Florida and the other, another 2008 model with less than 3,000 miles on the clock, suffered from a low speed crash in California.

In both cases the airbags deployed properly and we can report that there were no serious injuries despite one of the crashes occurring while the Roadster involved was traveling at more than 100 mph.

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