Despite a global downturn in auto sales over the past year, Rolls-Royce is working at full steam just to meet demand. Now, with the higher volume 2010 Ghost sedan on sale, the automaker’s sales have topped the 1,000 vehicle mark, coming in at 1,002 units for 2009.

This figure includes the first 150 Ghosts, delivered to customers in December last year. Demand for the Ghost has been exceptional and the latest Rolls-Royce but more importantly, around 85% of Ghost customers are new to the marque.

Demand for Phantom models also remained strong, with the four-door sedan remaining the most popular and accounted for more than a third of the total sales.

The U.S. remained the biggest single market for Rolls-Royce in 2009 accounting for 33% of sales and was followed by the UK and the United Arab Emirates.

Even more amazingly, given the state of the rest of the industry, Rolls-Royce’s sales levels are expected to continue growing and are estimated to reach a new record in 2010.