Hot on the heels of yesterday’s reveal of the FT-86 Concept comes the first details for Toyota’s second concept car planned for this month’s 2009 Tokyo Motor Show. The latest concept is the “Future Toyota Electric Vehicle II” (FT-EV II) all-electric minicar, which builds on the first-generation FT-EV that was unveiled back at January’s Detroit Auto Show.

The all-electric FT-EV II concept shares its platform with the iQ urban commuter vehicle, and can drive up to 50 miles on a single charge of its lithium-ion batteries. A distinctive, compact body with bright exterior colors has been designed in accordance with the automaker’s latest “Vibrant Clarity” design theme, while the interior adopts a retro-futuristic theme.

The vehicle has no steering wheel or foot pedals. In addition, it has not been designed simply as a means of transport, but instead based on the premise of collaboration with communications functions. Toyota explains that the vehicle should be seen as an information device rather than just a car.

Enhanced communications functions enable the linking of individual drivers' information on a single network, allowing the vehicle to connect with services that go beyond car navigation, such as recommending information tailored to the individual's preferences and downloading music and movie content.

So while it can still carry you from A to B, thanks to its communication functionality the FT-EV II is also a device that can provide completely new links between vehicles and people.