Call it EcoBoost, call it TwinForce, it's a welcome addition to the Ford lineup for many buyers, packing more power in a smaller, more efficient engine. And soon the V6 version that debuted the twin-turbo technology will be joined by a four-cylinder, 2.0L 230hp version.

That's the latest word from Ford, straight from a press conference in Dearborn, reports Edmunds. The engine has long been expected, however - we reported that it would be available, likely in the new Ford Fusion sedan, back in December.

Like its 340hp, 3.5L V6 brother, the 2.0L engine could also see duty in an SUV or crossover, including the next-gen Ford Escape. Fuel efficiency figures haven't been released, but expect highway ratings near 30mpg in some applications. Efficiency will be further boosted by the dual-clutch Powershift gearbox that will debut alongside the twin-turbo four-pot, also announced today. Ford expects the dual clutch cog swapper to improve efficiency by 7-9%.

Not yet unveiled is an ethanol-injection system to cool the combustion chamber and decrease charge temps, increasing power and efficiency to near-diesel levels. Ford recently revealed the ethanol injection system in documents submitted to the Department of Energy for its Bobcat V8 engine, but so far no plans to fit it to the EcoBoost range have yet been announced.