Mitsubishi has teamed up with America’s Jim Russell Racing Drivers School to create an exciting new driver training course that utilizes the high-performance Lancer Evolution X in an effort to help willing participants hone their race track skills. Called the Jim Russell Lancer Evolution Experience, the new program will offer a full day of instruction that begins in the classroom and continues onto the race track.

Students are given the opportunity to learn the skills needed to improve driving techniques, speed and car control skills, all at the Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, California.

Some of the other vehicles on hand will include a single-seat, open-wheel FJR-50, Formula 3 derived race car, which was designed by motorsport company Lola Cars International. A special opening event will also be held that will showcase everything from Starions and 3000GTs to Eclipses and more Lancer Evolutions.

The Jim Russell Racing Drivers School has close links with Mitsubishi and has been using the automaker’s popular 4G63 four-cylinder turbocharged engine in its Lola-built race cars for years.