The Black Bison line of appearance packages from Wald has won notoriety for its treatment of everything from the Nissan GT-R to the Lexus IS-F and even Toyota's Land Cruiser. This time out, they've taken on the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate, and come up with yet another extreme creation.

If there's one consistent theme in the Black Bison method of madness, it's the use of extravagant aero kits to take the palette of the donor car to the next level. The Black Bison C-Class sedan is an especially good example of this, getting what looks like a spare barn door as a spoiler and a very aggressive front-end treatment.

The Estate version gets the same basic package with the exception of the monstrous spoiler, which obviously wouldn't work with the estate body style. In its place is a surprisingly reserved rear diffuser and roof lip spoiler.

But with the huge alloy wheels, busy front end, front fender vents and custom interior going on, the Estate pulls off the look without needing anything more. Though some might say the sedan didn't need the whale-tail either.

The kit is available, in Japan at least, for just over $5,000 (¥504,000) including tax. And for those that might rather do something else with any individual part of it, the pieces of the kit can be purchased separately.