Most people are satisfied with the performance and handling of a stock Ferrari. It is, after all, a Ferrari. But for those with even higher standards, Ferrari has created the Handling GT Evoluzione (HGTE) package, revealed in March at the Geneva Motor Show. This week, seven-time F1 champ Michael Schumacher took the car for a 20-lap test at the circuit in Fiorano.

The car's lap time around the Fiorano test track is already known - Ferrari says it's capable of a 1 minute, 26.5 second trip. That's not just quick, it's seriously quick - the legendary F40 takes 3.1 seconds longer, while the current F430 takes another half second, as does the F50 supercar.

Schumacher drove the car as part of the factory's Pilota Ferrari driving course, but his times haven't been released.

The Pilota Ferrari driving courses give Ferrari owners a comprehensive range of expert tuition designed to progressively instruct drivers in the art of performance driving, enabling them to use their full potential in absolute safety, both on the track and on the road. Four levels of courses are available - Basic, Advanced, Evolution and Challenge, along with a special On Ice course, and they are available in the U.S., China, Japan and of course, Italy.

Check out the gallery below to see Schumacher and the 599 HGTE in action.