Having recently formed a partnership with German auto giant Daimler, Tesla this week has announced more good news with the company delivering its 500th all-electric Roadster model to a customer in New Jersey. The lucky individual and latest to get their hands on one of the popular Roadsters is a philanthropist by the name of Martin Tuchman.

Tuchman, a former automotive engineer, said that his new Roadster "drives like a dream" and that he plans to use the car for commuting. Tuchman has already dabbled in electric propulsion, having previously converted his 1937 Chris-Craft into an electric boat in order to legally take it on Lake Carnegie, which does not allow gas-powered boats.

With more Tesla dealerships set to open in a number of cities in both the U.S. and around the world, it shouldn't be long before the company begins racking up more sales of its electric spots car. For now, Tesla is the only company selling highway-capable electric vehicles in respectable volumes, but this fact will change in the next couple of years as the major automakers jump on the electric bandwagon.

To help keep sales up, Tesla is branching out in terms of its model range, first with the all-new Model S sedan and then with a second generation Roadster. Furthermore, the deal with Daimler will see Tesla supply the German automaker with batteries and the technical expertise needed to bring an electric car to market at the highest possible speed. The first fruits of this partnership will be a fleet of electric Smart ForTwos, which should go on sale late next year.