For a few days in May the town of Reifnitz, Austria is overrun with a plethora of Audi and Volkswagen models as fans of both marques attend the world’s largest Volkswagen Group gathering. Known as the Worthersee Tour, the event has been running for almost 30 years and this year Audi decided to offer up some of its most die-hard fans a special treat in the form of an extensively customized Q5 SUV.

Audi is featuring a number of vehicles at the show, including the TT RS, the V10-engined R8 and the previously revealed A1 Sportback concept car. But the star of the show will almost certainly be the custom Q5 concept. Audi engineers prepared the sporty concept specifically for the show, and a number of modifications have been made to give the car its new look.

Most noticeably, the proportions have been dramatically altered by both widening the car's track by around 90mm, as well as lowering the ride height by 60mm. Decked out in a custom Daytona Gray color, the SUV also rides on massive 21in wheels, making its proportions even more aggressive.

Under the hood Audi has seen fit to take the Q5's standard 3.0L TFSI V6 engine and give it some much needed upgrades. While the stock Q5's V6 churns out a healthy 333hp (245kW), the Q5 custom concept has a much sportier 408hp (300kW), leading to some massive gains in its straight line performance - the sprint to 62mph is dispensed with in just 4.4 seconds. The upgraded power rating comes from a modified air intake and a cooling water strut brace in the engine compartment, helping engineers eek more power out of the supercharged unit.