As an expensive and hard to manufacture material, carbon-fiber is usually found in high-end applications such as supercars and airplanes but now an Italian company is offering up some carbon-fiber briefcases that should prevent any limp-wristed execs from straining themselves too much.

The new carbon-fiber briefcase comes from Italian company Schedoni, which has been in business for well over a century and is often called upon to craft the luggage sets offered by Ferrari to its customers. The Modena-based company also carries out similar duties for Lamborghini and Maserati, giving the company a fair amount of credibility when it comes to the quality of its goods.

Schedoni’s latest briefcase is made up of some impressive materials, including a carbon-fiber outer shell and a suede lining on the inside. According to designers, working with carbon-fiber is incredibly difficult and often the tiniest imperfection will mean starting over from scratch. At the moment, the company can only produce a few briefcases per week, owing to the fact that each piece must sit for 12 hours in an air-tight kiln while hardening.

Because of the relative rarity of the briefcases, the materials used, and the brand name behind the products, a carbon-fiber briefcase from Schedoni will set customers back around $4,400. While it may seem a little expensive for a briefcase, Schedoni points out that the briefcase can also be used to carry a backgammon set that they make - which retails at just under $6,000.