Last month we saw some concept sketches for a retro-designed gullwing coupe based on the original Mercedes Benz SL300 Gullwing from the 1950s.

The car we’re talking about is the disturbingly cute 300 SL Panamericana from Gullwing-America.

Now, we have a second custom gullwing but this time its lines are an exact copy of Mercedes’ original style setter.

Built in Germany by Gullwing GmbH, the same company responsible for a modern AC Cobra replica, as well as a partner for the previously mentioned Panamericana, the latest 300 SL replica is completely faithful to the original on the outside but under the pretty sheet metal the car is thoroughly modern.

Instead of the original’s 215hp (160kW) 3.0L straight six, Gullwing has decided to go with a Mercedes Benz 5.5L V8 with 405hp (302kW) on tap and matched to a seven-speed automatic transmission. Other modern touches include a custom chassis and suspension set-up, performance disc brakes with ABS, air-conditioning, and a retro-styled Becker Mexico stereo with satnav.

Pricing for the replica starts at €165k and if you order one today it won’t arrive for at least 10 months. Production will be limited to just 30 units per year, though there are plans to add a manual six-cylinder version as well as a new roadster model.