It is the the chromatic opposite of AMG's own SL 65 Black Edition, but it comes out remarkably similar on paper. A generous 680hp (507kW) unleashes the potential of the SL 65 AMG, exceeding output of the Black edition by almost 20hp (15kW).

The SL 65s are known for being a bit heavy, however, with even the lightened and tuned Black Edition weighing in at 4,121lb (1870kg). Nevertheless, you strap 680hp to just about anything and it'll be quick. It gets its power from a redesigned forced induction system and an engine tune.

Helping to deliver all that horsepower to the ground, or when the driver's feeling a bit more playful, turn it into smoke, is a set of 19in wheels wrapped in 255 (front) and 305 (rear) rubber. With 10.5in width up front and 11.5in out back, there's room on the wheels for even larger tires should an owner want even more grip.

The Inden Design SL 65 AMG isn't all about brute force and corded tires, however - when it needs to, it can cruise the strip in style. A custom front, side and rear body kit gives the SL a unique look, but stays within the realm of the fashionable. Inside, Alcantara is the material, but styling is borrowed from the Black Edition via a 'sports valance'.

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