Swiss tuner Sportec usually specializes in Porsche models, but now the company has unveiled a highly modified Audi RS6 Sedan at the Geneva Motor Show. Labeled the Sportec RS700, the new car has a number of modifications that make it an even more formidable machine than it was before the Swiss tuners got their hands on it.

If you're wondering, the figure of '700' referred to in the model name is the amount of horsepower that the modded Audi carries under its hood, a full 120hp (90kW) up from the standard car's 580hp (433kW). Meanwhile, torque is up to a whopping 590lb-ft (800Nm), an improvement of around 111lb-ft (150Nm) compared to the original car.

While the original Audi RS6 was no slouch on the road, the new RS700 is lightning fast thanks to its increased power output. The sprint to 60mph is dispensed within just four seconds, and 120mph comes up in just over 12 seconds. If you keep the accelerator firmly pressed down and find yourself a long enough stretch of road, the delimited RS700 will take you all the way up to 192mph - not bad for a five-seater with a boot.

The stunning performance increases come from a number of modifications, including new high-flow catalysts and reprogramming of the engine CPU. Sportec also offers a lowering kit that puts the RS700 30mm closer to the ground than the standard RS6 to help it slip through the air more easily. On top of this, there are also custom rims and a carbon-fiber front spoiler lip and a matching carbon-fiber rear diffuser to increase downforce.