It's hard to imagine truly making the Audi RS6 any better at what it is: one of the most insanely powerful and over-the-top family cars around. But the gang at DKR Tuning have applied their skills at ECU tuning to deliver another 80hp (59kW) and some mildly upgraded aesthetics to the already strong underlying base package.

Starting with an engine tuning program delivered via the OBDII port, the DKR Tuning treatment ups power of the twin-turbocharged 5.0L V10 engine to 660hp (492kW) and 561lb-ft (760Nm) of torque for a price of €1,570. All that extra power pushes the RS6's top speed up to a frightening 325km/h (202mph).

To help keep the shiny side up, DKR fits some wide 20" Cargraphic RS-alloy wheels with ultra-high-performance tires and an H&R sport spring kit for a slightly lower, firmer ride.

Essentially the entire car-tuning universe has plied their trade atop the new RS6's impressive canvas, but to date the DKR example appears to be the most reserved, leaving well enough alone for the most part. For some of the more outrageous treatments, check out the MTM, ABT, or Kicherer versions.