The muscle-car revival that had seemed so wrong-headed just a few months ago may have gotten at least a temporary reprieve with the fuel price drop of the past several weeks, but the orders for the Camaro reflect an apparent disregard for the issue altogether, with 84% of the 6,000 cars ordered so far being the big-cube V8 SS models.

Base-level V6-powered LS models have secured only 2% of the pre-orders so far, though that may reflect more of an enthusiast bent than actual retail sales will. Once the car is on the showroom floor, it will likely attract buyers that haven't had the urge to get out and secure one in advance like the collectors and muscle-heads have.

Still, GM is worried about the product mix, warning its dealers that they will have to prepare their customers for the fact that Chevrolet won't be making 84% of its Camaros in the SS trim, according to a report at Camaro5.

Total production through September is expected to hit 20,000, though GM remains optimistic that that figure could be far exceeded if demand holds strong. Even if none of the rest of the sold orders taken by Chevy dealers are for the SS models, fully 26% of the first 20,000-unit allocation are already pre-ordered as with the big V8s, likely still somewhat ahead of the ideal V6/V8 product split Chevrolet had hoped for.

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