It's not often that a full-sized SUV with the same power output of a Ferrari Enzo and a capability to hit almost 200mph comes along, unless of course you find yourself at the Brabus stand at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show. The Mercedes Benz specialist tuner has chosen the Geneva event to unveil three new performance SUVs, two twin-turbo models based on the ML63 and G-Class as well as a brand new V8 conversion for the compact GLK-Class.

We reported earlier on the V12-powered G-Class, which at 700hp (522kW) is claimed by the tuner to be the world’s most powerful off-roader. The other forced-induction SUV from Brabus is based on the ML63 AMG model. Called the B63, the modified SUV features a twin-turbo 6.3L V8 engine producing 650 hp (478 kW) and a stunning 627lb-ft (850Nm) of torque - enough to propel the big SUV to a top speed of 194mph (310km/h).

Brabus engineers spent some two years on the development and testing of the twin-turbo engine and custom exhaust manifolds. For maximum response at low engine speeds the turbochargers are comparatively small, and rather than two-right turning turbochargers being employed to boost the SUV's power, a custom left-turning system was developed for the right hand side of the engine to ensure optimal gas flow and perfect exhaust dynamics.

In addition to its souped-up engine, the B63 distinguishes itself with chunky 23in wheels and an exclusive interior trimmed out with leather, Alcantara and carbon-fiber. Pricing for the super SUV begins at €190,602, which surprisingly is cheaper than the smaller and less powerful Brabus GLK V8.

This V8 conversion for the compact SUV is priced at €198,000. This sees engineers shoehorn the V8 engine from the S-Class sedan but as usual Brabus has to modify the powertrain extensively. As part of the power treatment, the displacement of the engine is increased to 6.1L, after which it puts out 462 hp (340 kW) and propels the GLK to a new top speed of 172mph (275km/h).