Toyota already offers one of the world’s most advanced pre-crash safety systems for several of its high-end models, such as the Japanese-market Crown sedan and Lexus LS flagship, but the company has set out to improve its system by adding several new features. Simply called Pre-crash Safety, the latest version has been fitted with a radar system that can detect probable front-side collisions as well as rear seats that prepare occupants for front and rear-end collisions.

The new system uses diagonally projected millimeter-wave radar to more broadly detect vehicles or objects moving into the vehicle's path or a vehicle that has crossed the centerline. If a high probability of collision is detected, safety functions within the car are activated to alert the driver and mitigate collision damage and occupant injuries.

These include previous seatbelt pretensioners and pre-charge brake assist functions, as well as newer features, which include a system to prepare airbags for deployment and an audible alert function for the cabin.

Another of the new technologies, Pre-crash Seatbacks, automatically brings reclined rear seats to an upright position when the vehicle's sensors detect a high probability of a front-or rear-end collision.

These world-first technologies are to debut in a Toyota vehicle scheduled for launch in Japan in the near future and should eventually filter across to more models across the globe.