Renowned tuner TECHART, known for adding insane power to everything with the Porsche badge, will be bringing a pair of modified Porsche Cayennes to the 2009 Geneva Motor Show, one a diesel, and the other a super-potent Magnum version of the Cayenne Turbo S.

The Magnum (dark grey) gets a power bump to 680hp (500kW) and 665lb-ft (900Nm) thanks to a retuned ECU and a host of other engine mods. Sports air filters, a new turbocharger, high-flow manifolds, custom exhaust and more add up to yield the stump-pulling power and torque. Dressing up the engine to look its best, TECHART fit a shiny carbon fiber kit over the cylinder head and added an engine cover with red lacquer highlights at the front.

All that power is good for 0-62mph (100km/h) times of just 4.2 seconds and 0-124mph (200km/h) in 14.5. Top speed comes at a mind-warping 191mph (308km/h) - in an SUV.

Also part of the Magnum package: a full body kit, 30mm lowering, a choice of 20-23in wheels, and a reworked interior, including a de Sede Classic S line treatment for the seating and upholstery.

The diesel version (in white) gets a less sport-focused tune, with emphasis on the aerodynamics of the vehicle. A full bodykit, front, sides and rear gives the vehicle a new aesthetic and promises smooth airflow, while custom alloy wheels give the SUV a polished look and inside, carbon fiber trim and upgraded materials yield a complete custom package.

Both vehicles will be on display next week at the TECHART booth in Geneva, Switzerland.