March 3 will be a very busy day in Geneva, and around the world, as carmakers everywhere converge to display their latest and greatest creations. Even as the globe negotiates one of the roughest economic patches it has seen, the show is expected to be impressive. Custom car builder Arden will be there to add to the splendor with four of its special models.

The AR6 Stronger, a modified Range Rover Sport will be on display along side the AR7 Highlander, the AJ20 Wild Cat and the AJ21 Fast Cat.

The AR6 features huge, deep-dish wheels, a lowering job and a fully custom body kit. The AR7 gets similar treatment, though it isn't slammed to the ground as hard as the AR6, preserving some of the Range Rover's soft-road capability.

The AJ20, built on the Jaguar XKR, is a sportier adaptation of an already very sporting car. Again big, aggressive wheels play a role, as does a meaty set of side skirts and front and rear fascias. A custom hood also adds to the muscle of the AJ20.

Finally, the AJ21 offers a custom take on the new Jaguar XF, with LED accents in the front fascia and an even more aggressive hood and side skirt treatment. In many ways, the AJ21 resembles the factory-custom XFR.

Every Arden also gets custom engine tuning, interior work and other unique features.