Faltering sales and weak brand recognition have plagued Maybach in recent years, but the company continues offering new models for its core cadre of affluent aficionados. The latest is the Zeppelin, a super-luxury treatment for the 57 S and 62 sedans, due to be unveiled at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show.

From 1928-1934 the Zeppelin nameplate held the top spot in Maybach's lineup, and so the re-introduction of the name pushes the cars bearing that appellation to the top of Maybach's spec list. Pricing likewise goes as far as any Maybach save the extravagant Landaulet has gone.

Powered by the familiar 6.0L V12 twin-turbo from other models, but up-rated by 28hp (21kW) to 640hp (471kW) and 738lb-ft (1,000Nm) of torque, the Zeppelin nevertheless promises to meet Euro 5 emissions standards. Base pricing for Zeppelins based on the Maybach 57 will start at €406,000 ($524,000) in Europe, while those based on the 62 will jump off at €473,200 ($610,000). Orders will open upon the car's debut in March with first deliveries expected in September.

The seats feature unique 'California beige' leather trim with piano black highlights

The seats feature unique 'California beige' leather trim with piano black highlights

Interior upgrades to the Zeppelin line include quilted 'California beige' leather with 'Stromboli black' contrast stitching and piano black highlights. For that crowning touch, silver champagne glasses engraved with the Zeppelin logo are also included. A unique element is an acrylic ball that dispenses a bespoke fragrance through the cabin at the push of a button. A choice of two fragrances are available from the factory, one described as 'light and refreshing', another as 'woody'. Custom scents can also be had, at a cost of €3,950 ($5,100) plus taxes.

From the outside, the Zeppelin models can be recognised by a two-tone paint finish. The shoulderline is painted right through to the background of the headlamp assemblies in ‘Rocky Mountains’ light brown, which forms a stylish contrast to the ‘Taiga black’ finish used for the rest of the vehicle body. Another new feature are the side mirrors, which have a more angular design than other Maybachs and are separated from the door frame by a slender arm. Completing the look is a set of newly designed 20in wheels in a dark chrome finish.

Only 100 Zeppelin cars will be built, though given weak demand for past Maybach models, one has to wonder if demand will outstrip that number.

Maybach Zeppelin beauty footage