The somewhat odd tie-up between laptops and supercars has taken another step forward with Acer's latest Ferrari edition laptop, the 1200. This time around the package is a 12.1in ultraportable with impressive specs for such a small computer.

Released in the UK, the 1200 features a 12.1in 'CrystalBrite' LCD screen, 4GB of RAM, an AMD Turion X2 dual-core processor and ATI Radeon HD 3200 graphics. Branding comes by way of a smattering of Ferrari badges, while the carbon fiber cover evokes the feel of Ferrari's racier efforts.

Along with the notebook itself, Acer is releasing some exclusive peripherals, bundled into the package. These include a special Bluetooth wireless mouse and an optional Xpress VOIP phone. Both wear Acer and Ferrari logos, and both are covered with a special soft-touch coating.

Pricing for the Ferrari 1200 hasn't yet been released, but considering the equipment included and the Italian style, don't expect it to be the bargain of the month. On the other hand, if you're in the market for a computer and you don't mind going a bit over the top for a few extra style points, the new Acer could be just the ticket.