Moving forward with production of even the most interesting designs is difficult work in today's economic climate. Volkswagen's Bluesport roadster, for instance, was well-received at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show, but it won't see production unless both Audi and Porsche agree to build versions of the car as well.

The costs of producing the car, and its eventual expected retail price of about €30,000 ($39,500) would put it beyond the reach of either Skoda or VW. But with the aid of Porsche and Audi, and the attendant cost-sharing and more profitable price points those brands can achieve, the Bluesport could become reality, reports Automotive News Europe.

"To make a strong business case for the new roadster, we need to share the investment with at least three brands," said a senior VW Group executive. Last week another VW executive, Ulrich Hackenburg, had discussed the possibility of the car's heading to production as well.

Getting Audi and Porsche on board may not be difficult; Audi reportedly already has its own version of the vehicle designed, and rumors of Porsche looking for a new 914 variant - which was itself a VW-Porsche joint project - have been brewing for some time. Both companies have room in their lineups, in terms of both price and models, for an affordable, sporty and luxurious roadster.

Whatever is decided, the final say is expected to come within two months.