• 2009 Volkswagen BlueSport Concept

    A senior Volkswagen official has confirmed that the company is pressing ahead with a new generation of its Phaeton flagship sedan but has no intention of reviving plans for a small sports car based on 2009’s BlueSport concept car despite recent reports saying otherwise. Speaking with Autocar recently, VW development boss Heinz-Jakob Neusser confirmed that a new Phaeton was coming, based on the Volkswagen Group’s next-generation MLB platform, nicknamed MLB Evo. He explained that despite the Phaeton never selling in large numbers, it provides a platform to introduce new technologies...

  • 2009 volkswagen bluesport roadster concept live 06 1
    Volkswagen's Bluesport Roadster May Be Doomed: Report

    Unless VW can drum up demand and stir dealer interest, its eagerly anticipated Bluesport turbodiesel roadster project may be cancelled, according to British source.

  • 2009 volkswagen bluesport roadster concept live 01 1
    Volkswagen Bluesport Roadster Coming To Frankfurt In 2013?

    Mid-engined. Rear-wheel drive. Under 2,600 pounds. Volkswagen? The Bluesport Roadster, a hit since its debut at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show, got the production greenlight this summer, and now the rumormills are grinding away at the eventual market introduction date. Back when the production...

  • 2009 volkswagen bluesport roadster concept 019
    Report: Volkswagen Bluesport Finally Approved For Production

    The on-again, off-again saga of the Bluesport may finally be on.

  • 2009 volkswagen bluesport roadster concept 007
    Production Volkswagen Bluesport roadster still a possibility?

    When it first appeared in Detroit back in January the Bluesport concept stirred talk of the revival of the roadster segment, and especially the Porsche 914 and 356. Unfortunately, the Porsche's rebirth was ruled out last month, and this had led to fears that the same fate may ensue for a planned...

  • 2009 volkswagen bluesport roadster concept 019
    Porsche considering 356 Speedster revival

    Looking back on some of the cars that made sport driving great, and built the legend that has become today's Porsche, you'd wonder how we ever got to 3,500lb, 500hp twin-turbo monsters. The 356 Speedster, for example - considered by many to be one of the first modern sports cars - weighed a mere...

  • Mid-engined Skoda roadster preview

    Volkswagen-owned Skoda doesn't get much press in the U.S. but over in Central and Eastern Europe it is one of the most popular automotive brands. Having launched new versions of its mainstream Octavia and Superb sedans in the past year, the company last week took the covers if its all-new Yeti compact SUV and is still planning the reveal of even more models. One model confirmed for production is a wagon based on the Superb flagship but according to latest reports Skoda will also launch a compact, mid-engined roadster based on the VW Bluesport concept car from January’s Detroit Auto...

  • 2009 Volkswagen Bluesport concept
    VW considering ‘Bluesport’ efficient performance range

    Lowering emissions and reducing fuel consumption has become a major goal for most major carmakers but the fact of the matter remains that the objective is being encouraged largely because of strict regulations imposed by government organizations rather than what consumers are actually demanding...

  • seat small roadster preview 001
    Preview: Mid-engined Seat roadster

    In 2001 Seat surprised the motoring world when it unveiled the sporty Tango roadster concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Up until then the brand was largely known for its lacklustre range of economical hatchbacks, not for sporty, upmarket two-doors. Nothing much was heard about the Tango for some...

  • audi small roadster preview 001
    Preview: Compact Audi roadster based on Bluesport concept

    With speculation mounting that Volkswagen’s mid-engined Bluesport roadster concept from last month’s Detroit Auto Show might be headed for production, there are a growing number of reports that suggest sister brands Audi, Seat, and possibly even Porsche, may also get their own version...

  • 2009 Volkswagen Bluesport concept
    VW Bluesport could go to production if approved by Audi, Porsche

    Moving forward with production of even the most interesting designs is difficult work in today's economic climate. Volkswagen's Bluesport roadster, for instance, was well-received at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show, but it won't see production unless both Audi and Porsche agree to build versions of the...

  • VW's Bluesport roadster concept could be the model for the car
    Volkswagen execs hint at production possibility for Bluesport concept

    Volkswagen has made no secret of its desire to revive the compact roadster market with numerous concept cars over the last decade. The most recent of these was the Bluesport roadster that was unveiled this week at the Detroit Auto Show. The latest design takes the compact roadster concept to a new...

  • 2009 Volkswagen Bluesport concept

    Volkswagen has made no secret of its desire to revive the compact roadster market with numerous concept cars over the last decade, however the latest design, called the Bluesport, takes it to a new level with almost production-ready specs and a real possibility of getting the green light for global sales. VW’s goal was to build a convertible sports car that was affordable, economical and quick, and the numbers for the Bluesport seem to indicate they've achieved their goal. Powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbodiesel, the Bluesport develops 180 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of...

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