Mid-engined. Rear-wheel drive. Under 2,600 pounds. Volkswagen? The Bluesport Roadster, a hit since its debut at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show, got the production greenlight this summer, and now the rumormills are grinding away at the eventual market introduction date.

Back when the production greenlight was given in July we guessed it would take about three years to move from concept to on-the-road retail stage, and that's what the latest reports are targeting: an on-sale date late in 2013, with the first deliveries in early 2014.

The debut locale is speculated as Frankfurt, an appropriate show for a car that will mean so much to so many German brands. As a Volkswagen Group vehicle, it will likely wear both Audi and Porsche badges as well as VW's own, scaling in price and performance in accordance with each marque. At a minimum, the car is expected to get a 1.6 FSI four-cylinder good for 220 horsepower. The 180-horsepower TDI version in the concept isn't likely to see production. Gearboxes will include both manual six-speeds and dual-clutch sevens.

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