2007 Kia Kee Concept

2007 Kia Kee Concept

Back in 2007 Kia was keen to launch a new sports model to help build the brand’s reputation and inject some fun into its lineup, which at the time was dominated by dowdy econo cars with questionable reliability. The automaker even rolled out a rear-wheel drive sports coupe concept car in the form of the 2007 Kia Kee but the project was subsequently canned once the global financial crisis started to developed.

Kia was also placing greater emphasis on its core models like the Soul, Forte and new Optima, which has definitely worked wonders for the brand in the eyes of new car shoppers. But for some within the firm, like head designer Peter Schreyer, the desire for a trendsetting sports car or convertible just won’t die.

While there are no immediate plans to launch a new sports model anytime soon, Schreyer believes that Kia will need such a model sooner or later. And Schreyer is certainly one who would know a thing or two about product lineups in the automotive field.

The 57-year old designer took the top design post at Kia back in 2006 following a 26 year stint at the Volkswagen Group and is probably best recognized for his design work on the first-generation Audi TT.

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