Peter Schreyer

  • 2013 Kia K9

    You may be wondering why a designer at an economy brand such as Kia is providing insight into the world of premium vehicle design, but with the unveiling of the new K9 luxury sedan it’s clear the South Korean automaker has some serious upmarket ambitions. And who better to take them there than German designer Peter Schreyer, the man responsible for the first generation TT sports car and a handful of other Audis. Schreyer’s focus on clean design and proportion has already seen Kia’s latest model range take on a bold new look that’s sharper and more dynamic than anything...

  • 2007 Kia Kee Concept
    Kia’s Euro Boss Hints At MX-5 Rival

    There’s been talk of Kia launching a small affordable sports car as far back as early 2007, the strongest indication coming from the Kia Kee rear-wheel drive sports car concept unveiled that same year. Sadly, since then, we’ve only been treated with a number of mainstream models like...

  • 2007 Kia Kee Concept
    Ex-TT Designer Wants New Sports Car For Kia

    Back in 2007 Kia was keen to launch a new sports model to help build the brand’s reputation and inject some fun into its lineup, which at the time was dominated by dowdy econo cars with questionable reliability. The automaker even rolled out a rear-wheel drive sports coupe concept car in the...

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