Custom Porsche 911s are almost as common as the cars themselves, but the W3 Triposto is not likely to be lumped in with the crowd. With a center-seated driving position, speedster profile and outlandish design, the Triposto is anything but common.

Built in 2005 by Clyde and Hugh Kwok, a father-son team behind Wingho Auto Classique, Inc. from Montreal, the fiberglass, carbon fiber and kevlar construction is not your typical garage-built fare either. Drawing on Clyde's background as an engineering professor and Hugh's talents as a race car driver, the duo bent their creative powers to the 911 platform with surprising results. The styling of the car's various elements pays tribute to classics from Porsche's stables.

The Triposto claims its 300hp (224kW) output and 2,310lb (1,050kg) dry weight is enough to drive it to 180mph (290km/h), but to put that to the test would require a good helmet and plenty of nerve, given the open cockpit and barely-there doors. Thanks to the three-position seating, those brave enough to put the power down can enjoy the stereophonic screams of their companions while taking in the fresh air.

The car is available as a conversion to a range of donor cars with a price tag of $250,000 - edging into custom Ferrari or similar territory, but its apparently excellent build quality could make it a collectible.
Via: Jalopnik