Ford has unveiled a pickup truck concept vehicle bearing the Ranger name at this year's Thailand Motor Expo.

Carrying the full title of Ford Ranger Max concept, the new concept features a bold exterior appearance and a number of interesting features, and according to its designers it even features some elements that will eventually make it to production.

The team of designers responsible for the Ford Ranger Max concept admitted that it "wasn't meant to be elegant or pretty", but rather to represent the “dependable workhorse” side of the truck. Featuring bright orange paintwork with matte black accents, the designers describe the look as being directly inspired by the functional design found in some modern power tools.

Additionally, industrial shapes such as the cog-like detailing in the body accents and wheel arch moldings continue this theme. The truck's powerplant is also a highlight, with a flexed 'power dome' shape on its hood indicating its pulling abilities, and a continued power dome above the tonneau cover.

Sitting on 18in deep-dish six-spoke alloy wheels shod in chunky 285mm tires, the heavy duty Ranger Max features a large footprint, making it practical for working situations. While the exact power figures for the concept are not mentioned by Ford, the focus remains on the vehicle’s visual appearance. One feature that could make it to production are the side-mirror mounted repeater lamps, and the new color scheme, which has previously been seen in a similar hue on the production-spec Ford Focus ST.