Honda is currently in the process of developing a new crossover vehicle to cover a wider range of segments in its lineup, and a recent sighting of a prototype testing in the U.S. suggests that the North American market may receive this vehicle in lieu of the current Accord Euro ‘Tourer’ wagon sold in other markets. The carmaker has now confirmed that the new crossover model will go on sale in the third-quarter of the year.

Speaking with Automotive News, Honda’s executive vice president for North America, John Mendel, said a crossover model will “in the fall” but failed to give any other details. Mendel also warned that inventories were running high but sales were slow, and that Honda’s number one priority is to reduce inventory levels. Some initiatives include reintroducing low financing rates and cash incentives.

As for the new crossover, a prototype seen testing late last year appeared to feature an Accord Euro Tourer body with an American-spec Accord front bolted on. While this may initially suggest that a U.S. spec Accord Tourer may be in the works, the wider track and taller ride height are dead giveaways that this model will be a little more substantial. A rear differential seen on the vehicles also confirm that they are equipped with an AWD system.

The new model is expected enter production later this year at Honda’s East Liberty plant in Ohio. The most likely powertrain options will be the current 2.4L and 3.5L units from the Accord, although the spirited 2.3L turbo from the Acura RDX may also make a showing.

Honda's range is missing a crossover vehicle and the rising popularity of such models would make it a viable vehicle for the carmaker in the current market. This means that Honda's CR-V and Element compact SUVs could be joined by a new midsized crossover based on the Accord platform, providing the carmaker with a decent competitor to cars like the Toyota Venza and Subaru Legacy wagon.