Modified Mercedes-Benzes are far from uncommon,and the methods applied are likewise becoming rote: big, flashy wheels, a new, agressive body kit and, of course, more power. Lorinser sticks with this tried and true formula and ends up with something not to far from the manufacturer's specifications, and several orders of magnitude more tasteful than many alternative brands.

Despite the already fairly potent tune of the standard C350 sedan's 3.5L V6 engine, Lorinser has managed to extract over 10% more power from the car. The boost to 305hp (224kW) from the stock rating of 272hp (200kW) comes by way of special camshafts and engine mapping. Torque is improved as well, up from 258lb-ft (350Nm) to 280lb-ft (380Nm).

Handling gets a boost as well, with lowering springs giving the C350 a lower center of gravity and slightly greater resistance to body roll. Big 19" alloy wheels focus on lightness and style, helping put the power to the ground and keep the car agile as well. A full body kit, including front fascia, side skirts and rear end treatment, give the Lorinser C-Class a special, yet still somewhat reserved, look.

This isn't the first Mercedes - or even the first C-Class - Lorinser has laid its hands on. Just a month ago the tuner company showed off its work on the SL-Class, this spring it released its take on the CLS, and last December Lorinser showed what it could do to the C-Class estate.