Despite having four of the most acclaimed car manufacturers in the world – BMW, Mercedes, Audi, and Volkswagen – it seems the Germans are most satisfied with Japanese cars. In a recent study by JD Power and Associates, Toyota, Honda, Mazda, and Subaru made up the four most satisfying brands to own.

Toyota models also ranked highest in four of the seven individual vehicle segments, with Mazda and Volvo taking the other categories

The top cars in each of the seven market segments are:

Small car - Toyota Yaris

Lower medium - Toyota Corolla

Upper medium - Mazda6

Executive/luxury - Volvo V70

Sports car - Mazda MX-5

MPV - Toyota Corolla Verso

SUV - Toyota RAV4

We’ve got no idea what the heck Volvo is doing there, but it seems the Germans have a penchant for boring cars.