Since taking up the reins at Cadillac, long-time Audi exec and former boss of Infiniti Johan de Nysschen has been dropping plenty of hints about the American luxury brand’s future. Cadillac is in the midst of significant change, with the brand already announcing a new naming strategy plus a move of its headquarters to New York City. The next stage of the transformation will see some brand new product introduced, starting with a replacement for the SRX, the new CT6 range-topping sedan and a large crossover with third-row seats.

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Beyond these models, de Nysschen has previously hinted at a replacement for the ELR and two new flagship models positioned above the CT6 (another sedan and a sporty model that some are already calling an XLR successor). Now, the South African executive has dropped a few more details about the brand’s future.

Speaking with Car and Driver, de Nysschen said a diesel engine would be available in some Cadillac models “around 2019.” He said the option was crucial for Cadillac’s global expansion, particularly in Europe.

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He also hinted at a high-performance V-series SUV, which he said could happen. He wants to grow the V-series lineup to about five or six models, and he sees at least one of them being a high-riding model. Just don’t expect a Cadillac Escalade-V anytime soon; de Nysschen said such a vehicle was unlikely.  

During the recent interview, de Nysschen also touched once again on the possibility of a sporty model, perhaps even a dedicated sports car like the Porsche 911 or the Audi R8 and Mercedes-AMG GT. He said he can imagine Cadillac having such a car in its lineup but not for some time,  suggesting a timeframe for its release of between 10 and 20 years from now.


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