BMW has created a design concept to showcase the talents of the German automaker’s current crop of designers. The result is the Z29 concept which is closely related to the Z4 Coupe. Technologies implemented that will probably never make it to production include a lightweight carbon fiber monocoque for the passenger cell plus all-aluminum front and tail modules.

Total weight is only 1,160kg, and when combined with the 343-horsepower M3 engine, gives the ominous coupe a supercar-like power-to-weight ratio of 3.4 kg per hp. Techniques used in construction of the Z29 could be carried over for the new Z8 or even a possible M3 CSL. Weight is saved further by utilising lightweight windowpanes, carrier-less wiper blades and a minimalist interior.

The car is a rear-driver and employs BMW’s brilliant SMG transmission which propels it in a brief 4.4 seconds for the 0-62 mph run. Top speed is an estimated 167 mph.


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