It appears no one is safe from a new anti-speeding device being trialled in the UK. The lawmakers in Birmingham, England have created a speed camera that shames violating drivers by showcasing the culprit’s license plate to other passing motorists. The new speed deterrent will be installed along British motorways over the following months.

Drivers have been slowing down roughly 50 to 67 percent of the time in trials around the Birmingham area. This is significantly better than the 31 percent that conventional speed cameras are achieving across the UK - and we thought we had it tough.

In related UK news, Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, has proposed the idea of forcing cyclists to register their bicycles for public road use. At first this statement could be regarded as bureaucracy gone mad but when you consider the number of cyclists that break the law, especially in congested areas, it doesn’t seem that preposterous after all. They too would be caught on camera for running a red light.

[Source: United Press International]