Despite hybrid technology being regarded as one of the most technological and innovative new trends to sweep the motor industry, in real-world conditions, simple diesel powered vehicles are achieving mileage rates similar to and in some cases better than their hybrid counterparts. Diesel technology has come a long way in recent years and now, at least six of the major automakers including Mercedes, Jeep and Honda will be releasing a new range of fuel efficient turbo-diesels to quench the thirst of power hunger motorists. Click here to read a long-term test of a Volkswagen Golf TDi that achieves much better mileage than Toyota’s Prius. These hot-hatches are likely to increase in popularity in our busy urban areas just like they are in Europe.

A recent article by Fortune Magazine, suggested that even though the new range of diesels can improve fuel efficiency by up to 40%, selling the cars to the US market will be a difficult task. Further, two major states including California and New York won’t be getting the first release of cars because of the state’s tighter rules on emissions. American’s have been brainwashed into thinking hybrids are the only way to go, but that’s plain wrong. Currently, Mercedes is the most ahead in the segment with its latest Blutec technology. Out on the highway, the Mercedes E320 Blutec achieves a mileage rate of 38mpg and costs only $1,000 over the gasoline model. Lexus’ GS hybrid sedan costs a significant $8,000 more than the gas version.

Honda has just developed its own diesel filtering technology and GM has recently displayed a new ultra-clean diesel powered V8. Other companies that are investing heavily in the technology include VW, Audi, Nissan, BMW, and Chrysler. Now all we need is a hybrid-diesel.