Two of Europe's most prominent billionaires, including France's richest man Bernard Arnault, have once again expressed interest over the sale of Aston Martin. Arnault is the current head of Paris-based luxury goods multinational LVMH, which includes the famous Louis Vuitton and Fendi labels, and he’s now partnering with Belgian investor Albert Frère, to form a new investment group. Aston Martin is near the top of the list of possible investments, along with several other major European companies, for the new joint-venture.

It’s questionable that Ford is selling the label when the company is at its strongest position in its entire history. Aston is selling more cars than ever, and has a number of key cars in the pipeline, including the Rapide and the roadster version of its entry-level V8 Vantage that goes on sale in spring next year. Sharing much in common with the coupe, the Roadster comes with a soft-top automatic roof and is built off Aston's aluminium VH platform. Powering the new drop top will be the familiar 380bhp 4.2-litre V8, which should propel the svelte roadster to 62mph from rest in a brief 5 seconds.

If the two billionaires can use their respective companies to help promote Aston Martin among the rich and famous, we expect it to have a very healthy future.