A rare opportunity has come up to purchase a Nissan 350Z used during filming of 2006’s The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. The car is up for sale at Cheshire Classic Cars in the United Kingdom and can be yours for a staggering £149,995 (approximately $234,315).

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That seems a bit steep considering a Toyota Supra driven by the late Paul Walker during filming of the original 2001 hit The Fast and the Furious only sold for $185,000 at a recent auction, but unlike the Supra, which was only used for stunt scenes and was one of several built for the movie, this 350Z is the only one of its kind. And the buyer also receives full documentation proving its provenance.

The right-hand-drive Z was built by Veilside, the Japanese tuner responsible for the movie’s famous Mazda RX-7, and was the only high-tune version on the set. It was the actual car Drift King Takashi, played by Brian Tee, owned and drifted in the movie, and it was also the inspiration for several of the movie’s official posters. Fans will recognize the car as the one used by Takashi in the car park challenge (see video below).

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Modifications include a twin-turbocharger kit from APS, which boosts output from a stock 280 horsepower up to 430 hp, as well as a NISMO twin-plate clutch and rear differential. The body is fitted with a Veilside kit and features a distinct livery. A fake Nitrous has also been fitted to the car. Despite these modifications, it can still be registered for the road.


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