A production version of Gemballa’s incredible Mirage GT, which was recently displayed in concept form, has been ordered by a person from Dubai. The final version will run a detuned version of the concept car’s twin-turbo 5.7L V10, and will develop around 750hp.

Gemballa claimed that its Mirage concept was capable of producing a Veyron-like 1000hp and could reach a theoretical top speed of 400km/h, with the sprint to 100km/h taking less than 3.5 seconds. Visually, the Mirage GT doesn’t mess with the stunning lines of Porsche’s Carrera GT. The only major additions include the new white paint scheme, new light-weight alloys plus revised front and rear spoilers.

Not that long ago the US was the key market for modified supercars, but it seems now that Dubai is the place to go to see the most diverse range of supercars on the planet.

Via: Autoblog.nl