Another staff member from the BBC’s Top Gear program has had a high-speed crash, this time spinning out a Lamborghini Murcielago. The UK’s Mirror reports that the driver, described as “a professional” spun the car out on the show’s test track at a rain-soaked runway in Dunsfold Park, Surrey.

Onlookers said "the driver just lost control in the bad weather” and that the car was “spinning rapidly before skidding off the track and coming to a halt in a field. It looked pretty bashed up."

This comes just months after the famous 288mph crash by co-host Richard Hammond in a Vampire dragster, and can’t be good for the show, which is already drawing fire for its attitude towards speed and risk-taking stunts. The only official word so far from the BBC was that "a car did spin off a runway during a test run. The driver was unhurt and nobody was in danger at any time."