Volkswagen’s mighty V10 Touareg TDI managed to pull a Boeing 747-200 jumbo jet, weighing approximately 155 tonnes, across a runway at Dunsfold Aerodrome in the UK. Fitted with a special towing adaptor to connect it to the jet’s undercarriage, plus almost 4.3 tonnes of metal ballast, the Touareg itself weighed in at over 7 tonnes.

The vehicle was an ordinary production version powered by a V10 turbo diesel with 553ft-lbs of torque, and featured fully standard self-levelling air suspension, wheels and tires. The only modification was the fitment of the 4.56 axle ratio from the Touareg V8 model in place of the 3.27 gearing of the V10.

For the event, the Touareg pulled the jet over a 150m stretch seven times with an average speed of 5mph before bringing itself and the jet to rest on the SUV’s standard brakes. Follow the jump to see more high-res images.