New emissions standards being proposed by the European Commission to limit the amount of carbon-dioxide levels emitted by cars manufactured in Europe will hurt German carmakers more severely than their French and Italian counterparts. That’s the warning given by Porsche CEO Wendelin Wiedeking at the sports carmaker's annual meeting on Friday. Wiedeking went on to describe the limits as a war-like assault, adding "it is an attack on BMW, Mercedes, Audi and ourselves, this is a business war in Europe. We will fight."

The European Commission is committed to reducing vehicle emissions levels to 120g/km by 2012. Germany builds mostly large luxury and performance vehicles, which typically emit significantly more carbon-dioxide levels than the small efficient-hatches that come out of France and Italy. Porsche's average emissions are currently more than double the proposed 2012 target.

Countries like Belgium may go even further with plans to introduce new standards for the fuel and tire industries as well.